lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010


These crop circles began to appear by 1976. I always gave the impression of "charged", "to laugh the other," but insofar as it became more complex designs, began to be visited by "believers" who saw or felt special forces inside it, engaged in meditation, had a field of "temple." Still got two old men who claimed they were the ones that did, then seemed a contest because they were more numerous and increasingly sophisticated. But as you can see in the video from National Geographic, were human with good humor and others touched half of the head that sometimes put them behind bars for rape and damage to property. The myth of the circles in the crops are finished, were completely demystified, even more with our experience of the "mare binge." Sometimes people want to believe in "something" because what to believe officially it does not. That something, is an impact that being, a signal to a pre established begin to circulate in their molecules and awakens something in him that they worship and believe strongly that it is the purpose of your life. I believe that each of us carries inside, based on that form his personality if he was wandering, or a new one which will adapt better.
Therefore care must be taken to "bring down castles" because everything that is not weighed and plays may or may not exist, like Pinocchio and the Three Kings, only in the space of mind saved one of those things that want and he can not play.
Al final de este video estan los post otros para continuar viendo.

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